How "With Love Lala" Came to Be

Aloha and welcome to With Love Lala! My name is Alicia, also known as Lala. I'm a mom, wife, and the owner/creator of With Love Lala.

Before With Love Lala became what it is today, I was only croche

ting as a hobby and basically just making stuff to give to people as gifts or family and friends requesting this or that. Crocheting is a skill/hobby that's been around in my family for generations. My grandma, on my mothers side, was the first person I had witnessed crocheting from a very young age. She would make blankets, doilies, outfits for Barbie dolls, scrunchies, bags, you name it! She pretty much did it all! My favorite things she would make would be all the Halloween and Christmas decor and matching outfits for Barbie dolls. We would put them up around the house to make those holidays extra special and festive. My granny (the name I would call my maternal great-grandmother) made lots of things too. Granny was actually the one who taught my grandma all these amazing skills and my grandma taught my mom and my mom taught me! But all this crocheting awesomeness goes a bit farther down the family tree. My great grandma, on my mom’s fathers side, was also a crochetier. See, my mom learned the basics of crocheting from my grandma (her mom), but she learned a lot more skills and multiple stitch styles from my great-grandma.

When my mom first taught me how to crochet, I was still in elementary school. I didn't really care too much about the craft until I had reached high school and even more so during my homeschooling years. I found it to be a lot more enjoyable to be creating such things during that age and even more so when I gave it as a gift to someone. During that time, family and friends would always tell me I should sell my pieces but I wasn't able build up the courage to do so for a few years. Once I finally made an Instagram for my crochets back in 2015, I started to get more custom requests from other people with various styles and skill levels of crochet. Then one day, when I had received a request for a knitted piece, something I was never taught or even thought about doing, I took it as a challenge to better my creative skill set and taught myself the basics of knitting. While I love crocheting and found the outcome of each piece to be so beautiful, I felt a different love for knitting and developed a new respect for knitters. as my crocheting and knitting skills improved; that's when I decided to create a crochet and knit "brand".

Just like other artists out there who had started their business by making other people happy with a handmade gift, I wanted to start With Love Lala for that same reason. seeing someone's smile and giddiness after they received a handmade gift made special just for them, brings so much joy to my heart. Each piece I create is intentionally made with love therefore making every order sent out is signed “with love, Lala”.


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